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Romania, the name derives from the word in Roman language meaning the citizen of the Roman Empire. The self-proclaimed heir to the most glorious empire of all-time is a tad smaller than its predecessor with only 238 thousand square kilometres in area. Romania is now a member of the European Union with a lot of potential for growth and economic improvement. The beautiful Carpathian Mountains paint the landscape in the most beautiful colours. Why not send a parcel there? We wonder too.

If you want to avoid wasting precious time and energy. Stop trying to get your parcel from the United Kingdom into Romania all by yourself. Be smart and do the right thing, it is clear that the obvious choice is to trust a reliable postage company like Parcelabc. Fill out the quote with the basic information about the parcel headed to Romania, and we will provide all of the information about postage rates from many local and international companies. You will see how much it’s going to cost to ship your parcel.

You can then look at the quote to find out about the cheapest ways to transport your particular parcel(s) from Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or England to the country which has one of the most jaw dropping landscapes that inspired the creation of character Dracula himself. We can reassure you, that the parcel will reach its destination in Romania quickly and cheaply.

Posting to Romania from the UK can be done via:

  • Airmail – most frequently used
  • Road – a bit less frequent, but inside Romania’s territory, this is the main method of transportation.

By choosing Parcelabc to carry your package to Romania, you clear away all of the worries with regards to: collection, postage, delivery and cost efficiency. We will provide the best options in these areas.

Each of the companies that you see in the quote, provide amazing door to door delivery services to Romania and more than 50 other countries. Parcelabc will not confine you to choose one particular company to make deliveries: we want to become a reliable partner and build a sustainable relationship with our clients by providing cheapest or quickest ways to send parcels to Romania, depending on your personal preferences. Since Romania is in the EU, there are a lot of options when choosing postage companies and which one to choose for your particular deliveries depends solely on you.

How to know what is the price and what the costs will be to send a parcel to Romania?

There are no fixed price list for shipping into Romania. The costs of shipping are accurately calculated after you enter the weight and dimensions into the quote calculator on Parcelabc’s website. Some parcel deliveries might cost more, while other methods could be cheaper. Everything will be visible on the quote.

What is the cheapest way to deliver my package to Romania from the UK?

It all depends on the parcel you are trying to send and the destination. By looking at the quote, you can select the cheapest or the quickest options for postage to Romania available. The option on the top of the quote will most likely be the cheapest one. Found a cheaper offer elswhere? Share it with us and we will match it!

Postage to Romania from the UK: what can I send to Romania in a parcel?

Romania has a restricted/banned items for import list available to the public (for the most part). As a member of the EU Romania has to use the same set of rules as all of the other member states, just like the UK does. Of course guns, drugs, violent material and propaganda cannot be imported, but we also would recommend consulting with Parcelabc before sending something that you aren’t sure is not on the prohibition list to Romania.


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